Chadar Trek

No of Days

10 Days

Higest Point

11,150 Feet


Challenging mainly due to extreme temperature


Chadar, Nerak Ice fall, Tib Bao

This is the most thrilling and adventurous trek and one of our team's favorite as well. There is no better way to experience the Zanskar Valley. Chadar Trek (bed sheet) as the name suggests denotes a thick sheet of ice that forms over the Zanskar River. Chadar trek is meant for seasoned trekkers as it is a vigorous trek and walking throughout on the snow adds to the difficulty as well. We will experience extreme conditions while trekking here and subzero temperatures as well. We also suggest getting ready for the trek prior to the trek.

Chadar Trek Ladakh a thrilling and adventurous trek in India. "CHADAR" is a Hindi word that refers to a "blanket" or "sheet" as the Zanskar river transforms itself from a rapid river into a white blanket of ice during winter, a frozen spectacle awaits the trekker to be experienced of glass ice ranging from a bluish tinge to golden yellow that is seen during the few hours that sunlight reaches directly into the gorge to the milky whitish on a moonlit night - as said a trek journey like no other!

You walk on a frozen river called the "Zanskar". The frozen Zanskar River served and still serves as the traditional and only way of connecting between Leh and Zanskar for the locals in the harsh winter months of Ladakh. It's being used by the locals for centuries. It’s rated as one of the best treks existing in the planet by many.

Our "Guides" and "Trek Leaders" are experienced and certified trekking guides who will lead your way on this adventure.


Region: Leh, Ladakh, J & K, INDIA
Grade: Moderate (Snow Trek)
Max Altitude: 11,123 Ft.
Temperature: 8* c to – 25*c
Guide Ratio: 10 to 15 Trekkers per Guide
Support Staff: Approximate 13 Support staff for a group of 10 – 12 trekkers

1. Safety – As much you may hate to accept, it's true, all adventure sports holidays have potential risk to your life & well-being; This is also the biggest deterrent, as the family is never confident or are unwilling to take the risk; Therefore at Zanskar Kanishka Expeditions, we understand the safety standards and have accurate and defined procedures and plans; These include evacuation plans along with a certified first aid administrator and basic first aid Kit.

2. Local knowledge – Most of the adventure sports activities happen in remote places; a local guide or a team lead from the region is a must in those expeditions; when you are dealing with local people he/she can be a great asset when, if you need help in a distress situation or just help y to understand the culture better, so that you don't end up offending people. for example, places like Leh, where altitude is a major challenge, only a local person can accurately predict any inconvenience or uneasiness traveller feel, thus identifying the issue and finding solutions are much easier than depending on bookish knowledge. When you travel with us 90% of the support staff that will accompany you on the trek will be local to ensure a smooth trek.

3. Right accommodation and Equipment – These two are non-negotiable item on our list. Everyone promises neat & hygienic accommodation, but when you are on a physically demanding trip comfort is equally important; A good sleep in the night can make a lot of difference in the quality of your activity the next day; we will ensure the best facilities possible in remote locations. We have certified tents \ sleeping bags \ accessories that will be carried on the trip for your comfort. Along with this, we will be carrying portable oxygen along with us for emergency use. For washrooms, there will be portable tents setup at camping ground to use.

4. Food VS Nutrition – when you are involved in a demanding physical activity it's not only important to eat, but even more important to eat right; we will provide you with good & nutritious food vegetarian food on this trip while camping. We will ensure that we take care of your calorie intake required to keep you well-nourished both during and after the activity.


Batch 1st = January 8th – January 16th

Batch 2nd = January 14th – January 22th

Batch 3rd = January 20th – January 28th

Batch 4th = January 26th – 3rd Feb

Batch 5th = 4th Feb – 12th Feb

Chadar Trek - Trip Detail
  • 01


    Delhi – Fly to Leh (Altitude 11,400 ft.). Stay in guest house
    • Getting used to the temperature and the altitude we eat, rest and repeat for the day. Have a briefing session in the evening over tea where we share the entire details of the trek once again. Hydrate well today as it helps in acclimatization.

  • 02


    Acclimatization day
    • Walk around the Leh Market and pick up trekking gum boots for Chadar and do some sightseeing for the day. Have lunch and get back to the accommodation in time. Make sure not to exert too much.

      If you wish for a local sightseeing tour. A taxi will be arranged and you have to pay extra RS 500 extra per person for a group of 10 or more Trekkers.

  • 03


    Visit the TOURIEST RECIPTION CENTER for checkup
    • By the end of the Chadar season 2019, a new policy for the safety of trekkers was introduced by the J&K Got. As per this policy each trekker has to visit the Tourists Reception center and get a routine check-up done. On completion of this we sort the wildlife permits and permissions and head back to our accommodation and get ready for the next day to start.

  • 04


    Drive to Shingra Yokma via Chilling and trek to Gyalpo (Altitude 10,550 ft.)
    • Drive 75 kms of picturesque landscape along the river Indus. Once we reach we assemble for a short briefing and start the trek of 9.5 kms. Depending on the weather, the path will be decided on the way. After passing Shingra Koma, you reach the camp-site for the day at Gyalpo, where the tents have already been pitched by the porters. The Gyalpo campsite is at a bend in the river, surrounded by high peaks and walls of rock-faces which almost look man-made. All that is left to do is to soak in the views, have an early dinner and call it a day.

  • 05


    Gyalpo to Tibb Cave (Altitude 10,550 to 10,760 ft.)
    • Post the briefing with the Trek Leaders start the trek for the next 13.5 kms. Today's walk through the deep ravines of the Zanskar is stunning. The sublime walls of the mountains on either sides of the river keep the sunlight away from the Chadar for most part of the day. At Tibb, there is a big cave. This cave is the dwelling of all the porters, and they welcome you warm-heartedly in here. Stay in tent.

  • 06


    Tibb cave to Nerak camp (Altitude 10,760 to 11,150 ft.)
    • Trek 12.5 kms. This day will be the most spectacular of all days on this trek. Walking on the river you cross deep gorges and reach a point where Juniper trees are covered with prayer flags. The porters give you a twig of this tree tied with a piece of prayer flag as a badge of good-luck and good-health. A few steps away stands the mother-of-all frozen waterfalls – a huge instance of suspended animation several feet tall and equally wide. You can see dozens of colors in this enormous ice structure as sunlight plays off its surface. Right next to the waterfall is a bridge across the river which is a part of the summer-time road from Zanskar to Leh. The Naerak village lies several feet above the river, a vigorous hour-long trek can take you to the village if you want to see the life of a Zanskari. The camp is set up close to the river.

  • 07


    Nerak back to Tibb Cave (Altitude 11,150 to 10,760 ft.)
    • Trek 12.5 kms. Returning journey. Don't be disappointed, by now the whole landscape would have changed. The Zanskar River reacts to the slightest change of temperature, and constantly keeps repackaging itself. The Chadar would have assumed a completely new form and will it will almost be impossible to say whether you have been here before. Stay in tent.

  • 08


    Tibb Cave to Shingra Koma (Altitude 10,760 to 10,550 ft.)
    • Trek 17 kms . Starting from Tibb, go up to Gyalpo today. The high walls of mountains rising from the sides of the river almost look like castle walls. You can see several trails of pug-marks all along the trek – footprints belonging to foxes, ibex or snow-leopards. You would be lucky to view a snow-leopard; but you can almost be sure that you are being watched by one all the time. Stay in tent.

  • 09


    Shingra Koma to Shingra Yokma and drive to Leh (Altitude 10,550 to 10,390 and drive to 11400 ft.)
    • Trek for 5 kms and reach the same place from where we started the trek. Drive 75 kms to get to Leh and stay in guest house.

  • 10


    Return from Leh post break-fast
    • Inclusions:-

      1. Accommodation – 4 night in Leh on twin sharing basis and 5 nights 6 days on Chadar
      2. Breakfast and dinner in Leh and all meals while on trek (Veg.)
      3. Trek equipment including Tents, sleeping bags, and trek mats etc. Your personal trekking equipment must be bought by yourself, i.e. Shoes, Clothes, Backpack etc, we will share the list with registered participants.
      4. Necessary Permits \ permissions with environmental fees.
      5. First aid medical kits and oxygen cylinder.
      6. Qualified & experienced trek Leader, Guide and Support staff to help trekkers.
      7. Transport from Leh to Road head and return.
      8. ALTOA Fees – approx. 2000 INR for domestic tourist
      9. Insurance amount of 2,500/- INR per person
      10. Wild Life fee


      1. Lunch while staying in Leh.
      2. Any kind of personal expenses.
      3. Porter to carry personal luggage
      4. We expect you to carry your own day bag, in case you don't want to, we will arrange for a porter and the charges can be paid on the site. Extra 500
      5. Anything not specifically mentioned under the head price includes.
      6. Any cost arising due to medical emergency, to be borne by the trekker/ trekkers (if any)

Chadar Trek - Photo Gallery
Due to weather conditions/ Chadar deforming conditions Zanskar Kanishka Expedition will not be liable to any sorts of refunds. Depending on the situation and availability, we would offer an alternate trek/ trip

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