About Darcha to Padum Trek Ladakh

Zanskar valley situated to the south west of Leh, enveloped by the Himalayan mountain and Zanskar ranges and it is one of the most closed and unexplored region in Ladakh. Zanskar has very rich history of Buddhism and its own Royal ancestry. Zanskar is main region of the present Ladakh other one are Leh and Kargil. Zanskar has been a home of great Buddhist master i.e. Naropa , Guru Padmasambhava, Atisha and evidences of their stay in Zanskar is still apparent today. That is why Zanskar is called The Land of Dharma.

Zanskar is very popular in tourist for its cultural and geographical beauty. Zanskar has 4 region namely – Sham, Stod, Jungkor and Lungna and all these regions have their own attraction and have some of the famous and ancient Buddhist Monasteries of Ladakh.

The popular Dracha to Padum Trekking is the one of the most fascinating and holistic journey you can have with nature. This trek starts from Darcha a small town on Leh- Manali Highway, take you through forests to 5050 metres above sea level and a steady descend you enter the Lungnak valley and trek until you reach Padum by passing the beautiful landscape consist of small villages and Buddhist monasteries on either side of the Tsarap River. Padum is headquarter of Zanskar region and here you can have some basic comforts of modern life like internet, telephone and restaurant and hopefully you can have and enjoy few local dishes which you have missed during the trek. Around Padum, there are some beautiful places to see like Stonday Monastery, Karsha Monastery, Zongkhul Monastery, Zangla Fort and Sani Monastery.

Best season: June – September
Duration: 8 days
Maximum elevation: Shingo la Pass (5.000m)
Average daily walking: 5-6 hours

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