Kang Yatse Expedition - 1 - 6,200mt

No of Days

10 Days

Higest Point

Kongmaru la Pass 5,100Mt




Markha Village and Kang Yatse Peak

Markha Valley breathing a beauty of its own adorned with small hamlet across the Markha river lies between Zanskar and Ladakh range. It is one of the most accessible and popular region of Ladakh among travellers. The valley is named after village Markha which is the biggest village in the entire valley. You can start your odyssey with Markha Valley either from Spituk or Stok village which are located at a drive of half hour from Leh. The trekking route traverses through breathtaking view of high mountain passes like Stokla, Gandala, and Kongamarula. The trail takes you through lush green villages, small oasis, river crossing and nomad houses surrounding with Yaks, horses and other domestic animals. The cool breeze, rustling prayer flags and mellow sound of prayers enrich your holistic and spiritual experience. People are very friendly, greeting you with Juley and welcoming your presence with a big smile that reflects the hospitality of Ladakhi people. While trekking, you come across villages namely- Shingo, Skyu, Markha, Hanker, Chakdo, Shang Sumdo. The rich history of Markha is also reflected by the remnants of important castle and meditation haven of centuries old that one come across. The view and location of such places is heavenly. Markha valley is a heaven for the every trekker and nature lover as it comprises of the all the adventure that refresh and rejuvenate life out of its boredom; leaving us with so much insight and knowledge which remain valuable throughout our life.

Kang Yatse Expedition - 1 - 6,200mt - Trip Detail
  • 01


    Zingchen to Gandala Base Camp (4,380 m)
    • You will drive from Leh to jingchen village 3,380 early in the morning. Your staff comprising of horse man,cook and helper would be waiting for you here. The trekking start from here and it is walk of 6 hrs. It is your first day and you don’t have to push yourself hard. So, we start slowly. After criss-crossing the river that you are following you reach Rumbak village (3,800 m). From here,you have to ascend gradually until you reach the camp site Gandala base camp (4120 m). You can take enjoy ur time at the camp site enjoying the view of Stokla.

  • 02


    Ganda La base camp (4120m) to Skyu (3400m) via Ganda la (4900m)
    • You trek along the mountain side ascending up to the Ganda la (4900m). From the top of the pass, you can enjoy the stunning view of Zanskar range, Stok Mountains and the trekking route passing through Shingo village is visible. You can click photograph of rustling prayers flag in wind on the top of pass. Onward, here it is an easy but a long descent following a gorge to the Markha Valley. You can also come across some marmots if you are lucky. You will reach Skyu village as the gorge ends and there is Markha valley welcoming you. In the village, there is small monastery. It is a walk of 6hrs.

  • 03


    Skyu(3400m) to Markha (3700m)
    • Day start with an easy walk following the right bank from Skyu . It is all green with plants of sea buckthorn; a very important medicinal plant visible in plenty. After crossing the river, you reach Chaluk and Tunespa Village. The landscape along the trail is wonderful mesmerizing you each and every time and finally you reach Markha. It is after this village that the valley has been named Markha Valley. It is walk of 8hrs.

  • 04


    Markha (3700m) to Thuchengtse (4150m)
    • Today, you have several river crossings until you reach village Umlung. The monastery of the Umlung village is always closed as monks are busy in their work visiting the villages across the Markha Valley to perform prayers. It is a nice and easy walk to the next village Hanker with snow clad Kang Yaste(6400m) in the background standing majestically. The Castle of Hanker village is situated on a hill top but the condition of castle is dilapidated. You camp at Tastungte( 4150m). It is a walk of 5 hrs.

  • 05


    Thuchengtse (4150m) to Nimaling(4720m)
    • Today, starts with an ascent until you reach a small lake. While ascending, you can enjoy wonderful view of Markha Valley and Kang Yaste. You camp at Nimaling. It is a very famous place for animal grazing in Markha Valley and few villagers settle down here in summer to graze pashmina goat and yak. Kang Yaste is situated just at the background of Nimaling. The expedition of Kang Yaste also starts from Nimaling. It is very cold here and the weather keeps changing very often due ot high altitude and its topographical location. There is a very famous proverb after this place in Markha valley depicting the nature of its weather. It is like Nimaling, Chharling, Khaling which means within second it is sunny, cloudy and snowy.It is a walk of 3hrs.

  • 06


    Nimaling (4720 m) to Base Camp (5040m)
    • This will be the smallest trekking day of the entire trek. Hence, chill and try to make the most of the beauty around you. The first half of the trek has loose rocks but the stunning views of Kang Yatse will ease the pain. The latter half of the trail is a descend. After 2-3 hours you will arrive at your base camp at 5040 meters. Make sure to remain out of the tent to get acclimatized. Try to not strain your body and relax at the camping site. This is the best time to study the mountains around you, try to capture as much as you can.

  • 07


    Summit Kang Yatse (6200m) back to Base Camp (5040m)
    • And the most exciting day rises! We will start midnight for the summit push to be at the top around 6 am for glistering sunrise. Carry packed lunch, refreshments and enough water for the strenuous climb. Today you will be rising from 5100 meters to straightaway 6200 meters. Therefore, being mentally strong is the key. The route to the summit is through the famous Kang Yatse shoulder. The trail starts with loose moraine and scree. Loose rocks make is difficult to secure the foot on the trail. Use a trekking pole for assistance. The route upwards has crevasses which are covered with snow most of the time. Based on the level of snowfall you will have to rope up for safety. Be careful and watch every step. The route goes to the north face through the northwest ridge towards a rocky outcropping. After a steep climb to the top, you will find the 360 degrees views of the Zanskar range, Karakoram peaks and mountains surrounding Kang Yatse. You might also notice the K2 peak (second highest peak in the world). You may also spot the distant Tibet mountains. The views are flawlessly satisfactory and will bring back all the energy to climb down. The entire summit path is 5 km each way. When you retrace your steps, be cautious on the scree and moraines. Make sure you return from the top by 1 pm to avoid further issues due to weather. Come back to the base camp to rest after the exhausting summit attempt.

  • 08


    Security day
    • This day is necessary in case of bad weather the day before for the ascent of Kang Yatse. If we might weather in the daytime, we leave then for a new stroll on the meeting of the shepherds and their herds. Return in the afternoon and rest. At night in the same camp as watches over it.

  • 09


    Base Camp (5040 m )to Chuskirmo (3950m) via Kongmaru La (5150m)
    • With satisfaction and happiness begin to return home. This day is like a bonus to enjoy the fulfilling mountains again. The terrain goes through the highest Kongmaru La pass (5150 m). After a strenuous climb of 2 hours to Kongmaru La pass, you will be pleasantly welcomed by the Karakoram range and the excellent array of peaks. Hold your breath for the mind-blowing sight of the huge K2 Mountain, the second highest peak in the world. There are prayer flags moving along the wind. To your surprise, there is a good network connection from the pass. Further trek of 4 hours will bring you to Chuskirmo. The route has a steep descent and rocky terrain. It will present the amazing side of the cold dessert as you trudge through Indus and Ladhak valley.

  • 10


    Chuskirmo (3950m)to Chokdo (3900m) & drive to Leh (3500)via Hemis Monastery(3600m)
    • Today you will have mixed feelings, sadness because the trek ends today and satisfaction of completing the trek. The trail changes drastically through the scenery of Indus valley and Ladakh range. Merely 1-2 hours walk will take you to Chokdo. This is the last stop of the entire trek, that also has many homestays. Look back and try to fill the salient features of the Ladakh in your eyes that you have just experienced while remembering the Kang Yatse 2 trek. Your pick up vehicle will take you all the way down to Leh. Last but not the least you can again encounter the Hemis monastery. If time permits you can visit the monastery to relive the trek moments.

Important Things You must know before the starts of the Trek

  • You must be well acclimatized before the start of the trek. As starting trek, without taking precaution leads to untoward incident.
  • You must bring warm clothes, good trekking shoes, Slipper for river crossing, Walking stick.
  • Sun cream is very important to protect your skin.
  • Sun glasses.
  • Water bottle and water filter.

How is a usual day of Trekking?

Early in the morning you are serve bed tea in the tent with morning wishes. After bed tea, you start packing up your things. Breakfast is served in the dining tent. After breakfast, you are ready for the day. Guide walks with you but before living make sure your bag contains all the important things you need during the day like Camera, sun cream, water bottle, lunch box etc. You carry a light backpack containing all these important things required during the day and the other things come of the horse back. At noon, you stop for lunch at a nice location, and have some rest. Trek continues, and the horseman and kitchen staff leads you on the way. Before your arrival at the camp, our team would be ready tent and tea, juice and light snacks to refresh your tiredness. After the arrival at campsite, you can enjoy your leisure in your own way. The dinner is served around 7 in the evening. Post dinner, our guide brief you about the next day and decides the timing for next day with your insights and suggestions.

The food menu in breakfast, lunch and dinner keep switching from Indian, Tibetan, Chinese, Ladakhi, Continental, and Italian.

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